Kraus-Anderson Realty was established in 1978 and is headquartered in Bloomington, MN. KA Realty provides property management and leasing services to more than 94 company owned properties totaling 5 million square feet of commercial property including retail, office, and industrial facilities while maintaining an occupancy level of more than 90 percent.


We work with all the major brokerage houses and have the ability to act as a direct borrower or use traditional lenders in completing development projects. Our seasoned team can guide you through every aspect of development including site selection and acquisition, financing entitlements and building. We take our clients through construction with single point-of-contact project management then follow through with leasing and management.

Kraus-Anderson Companies

For more than a century, Kraus-Anderson has been shaping the American landscape. Founded in 1897 and privately owned and managed by the Engelsma family for over 75 years, Kraus-Anderson provides innovative, collaborative services to clients coast to coast, including commercial real estate development and management, construction, equipment financing, and risk management. We’re people building buildings, businesses and relationships.